Quarterback is a platform where email and push notification, and print communication channels can be managed in one. Segmentation becomes simple, because all data and consents can be overseen easily, within the same system. The platform provides easy-to-use templates that allow for speeding up the campaign creation and distribution process. Analytics are available for campaign performance measurements and transparency.

Marketing communication channels are managed in separate systems (e.g. email and push notifications) creating extra workload and unnecessary confusion in regards to consent and database format. The lack of uniform segmentation can become a source of error, and the lack of templates create extra workload for the design departments. Because analytics are not available on a campaign level, the results are difficult to overview and measure.


  • Different marketing communication channels can be managed in several systems (e.g. email, push notification)
  • Database was created in different formats, no uniform database – no uniform segmentation / filtering option (source of error, e.g. consent)
  • In the absence of message templates, all campaigns must start over, there is no automatic template
  • Analytics – no campaign operational management overview
  • Any administrative environment can be too complex somewhere (e.g. Mailchimp)

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