Shoprime is a cloud-based marketing asset booking and management platform that helps enterprises digitalise their workflow. Internal or authorised external parties can book either printed or digital marketing communication assets for their marketing campaigns, along with physical spaces, or events.

The platform helps to manage analogue assets and fully replace existing digital signage tools, all in one. Shoprime handles the entire asset library, the booking procedure, has multi-level approval systems and real-time reporting functions to create transparency and provide KPI tracking. The platform resembles a marketplace, where unused assets can be monetised, generating a return on investment within the first business year.

As (retail) companies grow, so do their retail and asset parks, but their asset management systems still usually work in a very manual way. As a result of this, there is a lack of operational transparency which may lead to discrepancy between planned and actual bookings, random pricing solutions and challenges in logistics.

As it is difficult to oversee existing assets, there is no real time feedback on their performance, therefore monetisation can be challenging. Due to the analogue process operation is slow, the response time is long, leaving very little opportunity to involve external partners and there is a high potential for human error.

When the entire (printed and digital) asset park is visible within the same system, overseeing and managing it becomes a much more simple and transparent task. With the help of the system you can create an individual pricing strategy for each of your clients, they can use your system for making their own bookings and uploading their creative media. As reporting features are also available, you can check the status of your devices, the campaigns running on them, or any other requested data, in real time.

As the system shows all the unused assets, creating a monetisation strategy can become a lot more transparent. The system can also help simplify logistics, as it is able to send artwork straight to the printing house.

Features & Benefits


  • Digitised marketing asset inventory
  • End-to-end asset management workflow
  • Trade marketing stock management
  • Campaign booking
  • Media management
  • Digital signage
  • Digital proof of placement
  • Real-time reporting
  • Mobile application based field management
  • Digital API connection and data download (ERP, billing, print production)
  • Webshop-like asset booking mechanism with fully customisable discount system
  • No code multi-level platform back-end settings
  • Advanced clearance level
  • Customised industry specific modules


  • Fully customisable, ready-made product (can be launched within thirty days)
  • We offer field work (fulfilment) as an optional part of the service
  • Bookings in the system can be made internally (e.g. by our partner’s employees), or externally (e.g. by an advertiser and/or agency partner)
  • Manages both printed and digital media, but can also be used for booking physical space
  • Real-time reporting system created to provide full transparency
  • The only all-in-one asset management system on the corporate, SaaS market
  • Return on investment within the first business year
  • Helps to identify incorrect or displaced inventory
  • Ability to monetise unbooked marketing assets

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